Does Anyone Know How To Record Phone Calls On MagicJack?

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I've tried TRx but it only records my half of the conversation, even though I select the Tigerjack USB audio input.
But my version of TRx isn't cracked... so, perhaps that could be the problem.

Anyone know the crack or serial for that?

Or, perhaps there is another way to record MagicJack conversations. Right now I'm using a regular phone plugged into the MagicJack USB port, but there is also a way to use MagicJack without a phone, just utilizing the headphones and mic on the Mac. Maybe I could then use something like WireTapPro.

Has anyone successfully been able to record phone calls over Mac VOIP?

Please share your knowledge.


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thank you, but I already did a google search before I inquired here
why? because of the hundreds of responses that return from that search... none of them are for Mac.
Go ahead, see for yourself - search "recording calls MagicJack," and see hundreds of links, then search "OS X "recording calls MagicJack," and see none.
also, most recording methods require buying some external device, that is why I specifically asked if anyone had got TRx to work.
I was hoping that someone here in the audio forum would be knowledgeable about a Mac software solution
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It is simple, u send it trough something people in the production sector call a bus, the app is called soundflowerbed, if you open it you can set your audio in and out on to different channels in soundflowerbed, and on soundflower u can send the channels trough your speakers but you can then also use quicktime or any other recording application and record but with the soundflowerchannel as your imput, it's a puzzle but if u think a bit about it and maybe make a little sketch you will certainly be able to record all your calls, from the moment you set it up :D
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